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In order to make it in the entertainment industry, you must be innovative and explore every media avenue possible. One of the best media avenues that should be utilized on a daily basis are online platforms. You can set yourself apart from every other director, writer, and actor by becoming a popular online personality.

To become a popular online personality you’re going to have to lay everything about yourself on the table. You might feel embarrassed at first, but there are surprisingly a lot more people online that root for you to succeed than fail. Once you get comfortable about sharing your information, you will feel emboldened and ready to conquer your greatest fears. In my book Hollywood War Stories: How to Survive in the Trenches, you’ll learn that the road to success in any entertainment field requires you to take risks.

After you’ve taken the plunge into joining social media platforms or creating a YouTube channel for your films, you have to find your niche audience. Create your most compelling content and try to find an online audience that will be interested in it. Having tailored content for a niche audience will be able to build a solid base of followers. Your base of followers are instrumental in increasing the amount of awareness your posts will garner.

When you find your stride in producing top quality content, you’ll notice your online audience steadily growing. Your new found popularity will have you receiving messages from online “influencers” looking to collaborate with you and major companies interested in your services. Major movie studios will not hesitate to hear your pitches for any movie or tv show if you have a strong online presence. However, pitching a movie is a complicated process that requires a lot of practice. In Hollywood War Stories: How to Survive in the Trenches, you can learn how the pitching process works and my personal successes and failures.

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