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The process of creating actions scenes in a major motion picture is highly complex. In this blog, I’ve provided some examples from the movie I created, “Spy Hard”, to show how to properly construct and implement an action scene. To get the full story of what I went through and what it takes to make a studio picture, read my book Hollywood War Stories: How to Survive in the Trenches

To pull off complicated action scenes, you have to layout a detailed visual plan. You have to know which angles and emotions will evoke excitement from an audience. Click on the videos below to watch the storyboard progression, behind the scenes set construction, and final product of two actions scenes from, “Spy Hard.”

Spy Hard – Rooftop Horse Chase

Spy Hard – Bus Scene

If you take the time hone your visual skills and learn proper scene structure, you will find a way succeed in Hollywood. Learn more about the entertainment industry by reading, Hollywood War Stories: How To Survive in the Trenches.